Indiana Jones Gets Cloned, Turned Into MMORPG

The XBox got another boost today when Pacific Century Cyberworks Japan (formerly Jaleco) announced an online RPG entitled Lost Continents. The game, being developed by VR1 Entertainment, has been described as a massively multiplayer online RPG, with the capacity for thousands of simultaneous players.

Players will be able to create their own hero, and interact with thousands of other players, exploring lost cities and facing down supernatural evil and weird science to save the world. The game features a private zone system, in which the world of Lost Continents is changed according to the actions of players.

XBox owners will have a while to wait before Lost Continents becomes available. The game is slated for Japanese release sometime in 2003, with no word on when or if a North American release will take place.

Update (01.17.2002): RPGamer has been informed by VR1, the game's developer, that the title is destined for the PC and not the Xbox. Also, the game is slated for the North American market only right now.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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