GameSpy Expands Operation to XBox

GameSpy, the online matchmaking service that has become well-nigh ubiquitous for PC aficianados over the past few years, has expanded its operations into uncharted waters. The company recently announced it will be possible for XBox users to connect to games online using its service, needing only an ethernet connection to their PC (through use of a hub, in most cases) and a small application download to make the system work.

GameSpy Tunnel, as the application is called, is free of charge and available for download from GameSpy's website. In addition to supporting quick and easy game launching, GameSpy Tunnel also features buddy lists and a download manager. While the client does not support any RPGs at this point, there are a number of online RPGs just over the horizon for the XBox, which may be able to utilize the software.

by Andrew Long    
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