Shining Soul Release Date

Shining Soul, Sega's new Game Boy Advance RPG, is set for a March 28, 2002 release in Japan. Little is known at this time about how the game relates to the series. Past Shining games have been consistently connected by a common world and mythos, though characters rarely make direct re-appearances.

Shining Soul utilizes a 3/4 overhead perspective with colorful hand-drawn backgrounds and sprites. This edition most closely resembles Shining Wisdom in its perspective and use of real-time battles. The game allows four players to collaborate simultaneously by linking GBAs.

Shining Soul will retail for 5800 yen, or approximately $47.00 U.S. No announcement of a North American release has been made, but hopefully Sega will not disappoint fans this time around.

by Michael Henninger    
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