Shenmue II Available in Europe on Dreamcast
Shenmue II

With the success and sequel-savvy ending of Sega's Shenmue, the release of a follow-up was not a matter of if, but when. Now, with the European release of this promised continuation, Shenmue II can be enjoyed by Spaniards and Poles alike, provided they have a Dreamcast. Boasting nearly 1,000 fully polygonal characters, Shenmue II promises to be a popular title among role-playing and other gaming enthusiasts.

Much to the dismay of North American gamers, Shenmue II's planned North American Dreamcast release was cancelled late last month. Gamers on this side of the planet need not fear missing out on the title, though; it is due out for Microsoft's Xbox sometime in late 2002. RPGamer will be sure to keep you updated as that date gets narrowed down.

by Michael Harnest    
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