Romancing SaGa WonderSwan Color Release Date Set
Romancing SaGa

Romancing SaGa for Bandai's portable system, the WonderSwan Color, will be released in Japan on December 20, 2001, and will retail at 5200 yen ($41.82). This is the first time a SaGa game has been remade, and it will actually be Square's most extensive remake yet; everything taken out of the original 1992 release will be re-implemented.

Although there was hope for a North American or European release of the WonderSwan Color, it seems that hope is diminishing. Bandai lost approximately 5.5 billion yen on the system in the first half of the 2001 fiscal year. It appears as though importing is still the SaGa fan's best bet at obtaining Romancing SaGa.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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