Hanjuku Hero Sequel Remake Announced with Changes

In 1992, while North American gamers were enjoying the fresh new release of The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past, Square was releasing another sequel in Japan. Hanjuku Hero: Aa, Sekaiyo Hanjukunare, the follow up to 1988's subtitle-free Hanjuku Hero, lands role-playing adventurers in a heated quarrel between the kingdom of Arumamuun and the attacking Kanjuku Army. A comedy famous for parodying Final Fantasy IV characters, this adventure is now seeing a re-release on Square's handheld system of choice, the Wonderswan Color.

Fans need not fear an exact replica of the original; the title is receiving a major visual rehaul as well as an additional twelve summon spells. Included in this barrage of enhanced features is a peculiar one titled "Eating Couple," where harm is induced by featuring a middle-aged couple eating. Square has offered December 2002 as the expected Japanese release date for the handheld remake.

by Michael Harnest    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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