Sony to Distribute Demo of Popolocrois Story III

Although the game was one of the first announced for the PlayStation 2, Popolocrois Story III was delayed indefinitely by Sony several months ago, and little has been heard of it since then. Now, however, Japanese gamers will get an opportunity to pick up a demo copy of the game to see how the game is progressing. 50,000 copies of the demo will be shipped in December to roughly 500 stores in the Gamer's Heaven chain across Japan.

Popolocrois Story III wass one of the first games to employ the cel-shading technique, which has since exploded on the PlayStation 2. The game follows the story of a young prince trying desperately to follow in his father's heroic footsteps. Despite promising a 2001 release when they delayed the game in February, it appears Sony has allowed this target to slip, as the game is now being projected for release in March 2002. The game has not been confirmed for North American release.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamefront]
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