Grandia II Port Given New, Separate Date
Grandia 2, by Game Arts

Enix's original plan to simultaneously release its two Game Arts titles, Grandia Xtreme and a PlayStation 2 port of the Dreamcast hit Grandia II, has been cancelled. Opting to ease up on the shared January 31st Japanese release date, Grandia II has been pushed back nearly a month to February 21. Grandia Xtreme's date has not been changed.

Also included in its press release were price announcements for the two titles. Grandia Xtreme will retail at 7,800 yen (approximately $64US), while Grandia II will be on sale for 6,800 yen (approximately $55US). For more information, on either Grandia Xtreme or Grandia II, please see our coverage in the Games section.

by Michael Harnest    
Source: [RPGFan]
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