Eternal Eyes Finally Sees Release

Japanese developer SunSoft's tactical RPG Eternal Eyes has been a long time in the coming, but it appears that the beleaguered PlayStation title will finally arrive in North America. The game, which was to be published by SunSoft itself, made an appearance at E3 last year, and was originally penciled in for a late-2000 release. That date came and went with no release, but now several retailers have the game slated to hit stores on the 21st of November, courtesy of Crave, at the wallet-pleasing bargain bin price of $9.99.

The title is home to a CLAMP-inspired character design, which supplements the traditional tactical battle system game mechanics, but it is also infused with Pokémon-like monster collecting aspects. As is common to the genre, very little action is to be found outside of battles, but seeing as this is usually the drawing feature for the vast majority of genre fans, this is hardly a problem. For more on this late arrival, check out our previous coverage.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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