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Magical Vacation

As Magical Vacation, a Gameboy Advance RPG developed by Brownie Brown, nears its December 7 release in Japan, some details have been clarified. The game's battles occur in real-time and fighting monsters is said to be a magic-intensive affair. There are sixteen magical attributes such as thunder, water, fire, ice and sound, which can be obtained from sixteen spirits throughout the game's world. The magic system also allows for summon-type spells.

The game includes gamelink support, which players can use to exchange magic. Also, some scenarios are said to be designed exclusively for multi-player action.

Magical Vacation is the story of sixteen students who are chased by monsters into another dimension, where they learn to use spells at magic schools. The player has the choice of a male or female lead character.

Brownie Brown is comprised of former Square employees who worked on the Secret of Mana series, and Magical Vacation features colorful, vibrant overhead graphics highly reminiscent of past Mana games.

Magical Vacation is priced at 4800 yen, or $39.95 dollars. A North American release has been confirmed but no specific date or publisher has been revealed.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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