Ketchup on Tomato Adventure Plot Details

It hasn't taken very long for the GameBoy Advance to establish itself as an RPG-friendly platform. With Breath of Fire ports and a Suikoden original already on the way, games like Tomato Adventure only add to its role-playing appeal. New details regarding the Nintendo-published GBA exclusive place the tale in Ketchup Kingdom. The game's story finds its hero, a tomato-hating young boy by the name of Demille, on a quest to save his girlfriend, Paslan, abducted by the tomato-loving King Abira.

In order to thwart the evil schemes of Abira and his minions, the "superkids," Demille makes use of a slew of weapons, referred to as "gimmicks." Developed by AlphaDream, Tomato Adventure is slated for release in Japan sometime in January of 2001. So far there has been no confirmation of a North American release.

by Michael Harnest    
Source: [Famitsu]
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