Shadowbane Update

With beta testing underway, Wolfpack Studios' massively multi player online RPG, Shadowbane, will be ready before you know it. The game has been under development for over two years, and is scheduled for a 1st quarter 2002 PC/Mac release in North America; it will be published by Ubi Soft.

Shadowbane isn't a static, unchangeable world: Players will be allowed to alter its world's history, politics and landscape. One will be able to build castles, raise armies and challenge neighboring lands. The game is entirely at the mercy of the player.

Shadowbane is the first MMORPG to combine the game play systems of a traditional RPG with a real-time strategy game. There are ten races, twenty-two character classes and twenty disciplines for multiclassing to choose from. Players of Shadowbane will utilize economic and justice systems through guilds.

With its high level of player customization and completely alterable world, Shadowbane is sure to introduce new features to the most MMORPG-worn player. RPGamer will continue to bring you the latest developments on this game as they arrive.

by Joseph Witham    
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