Dragon Empires Official Site Launched

The official web site for Codemaster's upcoming massively multi player RPG, Dragon Empires, has launched. The primary point of interest in visiting the site is the beta testing applications. Testing will begin in February 2002, in preperation for the game's 2nd quarter 2002 launch. The initial release of the game will be released in English, and will be available in the United Kingdom and North America.

Dragon Empires takes a unique approach to the world of MMORPGs: players will be encouraged to join together in clans and build up empires. To begin building up its empire, a clan must build up a city, and set up a political system that will keep their empire flourishing. Players will need to be greedy, cunning and agressive in order to establish a strong position in their 1500 player worlds.

Dragon Empires looks to have the qualities necessary for success in the ever-expanding world of MMORPGS. RPGamer will keep you up to date as the game progresses through its development stages.

by Joseph Witham    
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