More Info on Dragon Quest IV Remake
Dragon Quest IV

Some new information has been discovered concerning the upcoming PSone remake of Dragon Quest IV. The remake will feature a new battle statistics screen, which keeps track of the number of battles engaged, the number of winning, losing, and retreating battles, the number of monsters encountered, the amount of money received, and the highest hit in an attack. As the game proceeds, the player receives different titles, such as fighter, merchant and warrior.

The game will also feature several minigames such as Casino and Monster Arena. In the casino the player uses tokens to bet and win money, which can be used to purchase rare items. Slot machine and poker are two games that are featured.

Dragon Quest IV is set to hit Japan on November 22 with a price tag of 6800 yen ($55.70 US). The PSone remake is slated for a North American release, but a specific date has yet to be announced.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magic Box]
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