Moogles Invade Kingdom Hearts

Square and Disney have released some information about the moogles that will appear in Kingdom Hearts. Although it is somewhat unclear whether there will be one or multiple moogles in the game, their presence in more than one weapon store seems to indicate there will be more than just a single one. The creatures will look the same as their predecessors with one noticeable exception: this brand of moogle has a gigantic red nose. Its favorite food will be a plant found in the game's forest, and moogles will work in various item shops, selling items and weapons to Sora.

It has also been revealed that most Final Fantasy characters found in the game will live in a single area, Traverse Town. What significance this area will play in the overall storyline is uncertain, but expect a number of cameos when Kingdom Hearts is released sometime next month in Japan.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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