Shiny New Shining Soul Details

A few more details on Sega's upcoming Shining Soul have emerged on the game's homepage. In particular, how the Gameboy Advance's multiplayer capabilities will be utilized has become clearer, as it appears the game will feature some Diablo-esque weapon scrounging. Billed as having action occuring in real-time, Shining Soul will also feature rare and ultra-rare items being dropped by some monsters. It will then be possible to trade these items with other players. Although four players may play at once, more than one cartridge is required (as it would be rather difficult to save the presence of items onto a cartridge that isn't there).

More details should become available on Shining Soul as its planned release sometime in the spring of 2002 draws closer. There is still no word on whether the game will be released in North America.

by Andrew Long    
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