Origin Launches Lord Blackthorn Site

EA game developer Origin Systems has launched the official site for their upcoming stand-alone expansion to the wildly successful Ultima Online. The site will contain information regarding the expansion's new features, as well as a listing of frequently asked questions. Also available will be screenshots, art, and short fiction based on the game.

UO: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge is set in a dark new world, featuring monsters designed by comic book artist Todd McFarlane. Boasting new AI, a unique interative storyline, and a virtue system, rewarding and punishing players for their choices and behaviour in-game, the expansion offers many improvements over the original title. Also included will be a new help feature, over 30 new items, and a revamped starting character template.

With a release slated for February, UO: Lord Blackthorn's Revenge will keep fans waiting for at least a few more months. Those interested in catching up on the expansion can visit the newly launched website.

by Andrew Long    
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