Dragon Quest VIII Online?

With Dragon Warrior VII now released in North America, Enix is free to turn their attention towards the eighth installment of the series. While little is known about the game at this point, it sounds as though Enix is making some critical decisions about the game's future at this point. In an interview with the Japanese daily newspaper Mainichi, Enix president Kenji Honda commented on the game, saying that at this point, Enix has yet to decide for which console it will develop Dragon Quest VIII.

Of more interest to gamers should be Honda's comments about the game's online element. Enix is currently investigating how online support will factor into the game, a good indication that this title may be the online game previously announced at the beginning of the year. Whatever the case, it looks as though the game is not a sure thing for the PlayStation 2 anymore. Expect RPGamer to bring you all the information about this game as it becomes available.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamefront]
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