Lunar Landing on the GBA

GameArts has confirmed that it is currently busy with development on a Lunar game for Nintendo's pocket juggernaut, the Game Boy Advance. Dubbed Lunar Legend, the title will basically be a retooled version of Lunar: The Silver Star, which originally appeared on Sega's ill-fated Sega CD add-on, and then later on the PlayStation as Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

Gamers familiar with the previous takes on the story should expect a different experience, as various aspects--in addition to story changes--will be altered to compensate for the format change. One of the cornerstones of the series of late has been the extensive use of FMV to aid storytelling. The GBA version will not not have this feature, but will instead expand on the story using stills, much like the original Sega CD version. To make up for the small screen size of the GBA, the character sprites have doubled in size.

Gamers longing to see Nall get on Alex's case will be relieved to hear that the majority of the cast from previous incarnations will be returning. The dynamic duo are joined by Luna, Nash, Mia, Ramus, Kyle, Jessica, Mel, Ghaleon, Laike, and Lemia, and GameArts has confirmed that Royce and Phacia will return with the Advance port, as they did for Saturn and PlayStation. No mention has been made on the use of voice acting, but the relatively small GBA cartridge size would seem to preclude that.

Lunar Legend is currently on track for a February release in Japan, and, as of this writing, there is no word of a North American release. Check back with us and we'll let you know if and when that changes.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [GIA]
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