Depth Fantasia Update

Depth Fantasia, Enix's latest massively multiplayer online PC RPG, has had its official Japanese release date set for December 12th of this year. The game follows on the heels of Cross Gate, another MMORPG released by Enix this summer. Depth Fantasia will continue Cross Gate's excellent standards, and will help to further open the online RPG market in Asia.

Depth Fantasia allows up to four players to join a party. The party will travel to Ritos Island where they will slay demons, collect Life Gems, and restore order to the cursed land. Players will build their characters based on a class system. As with any other class system, characters learn abilities and then pass them on to more advanced classes. To gain levels, one will need to find Life Gems, or fight another player in a duel.

Players will interact with a number of NPCs. These characters all have a unique niche in the world; some examples of these roles include fearsome warriors, mystic sorceresses, and holy clergymen. Each NPC will give the player advice and assistance in completing their quest.

There has been no word from Enix of America yet as to whether or not a localization of Depth Fantasia will take place. Although the company itself is not a PC publisher, its strong ties with Eidos, a PC publisher, may lay forth the groundwork for a European or North American release. If it were to make an entrance into the North American online RPG market, it would be met with fierce competition from other major online titles. Stay tuned to RPGamer as Depth Fantasia nears its December release.

by Joseph Witham    
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