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Princess Abarenbow

As Kadokawa Shoten's Playstation 2 RPG Princess Abarenbow nears its November 15 release in Japan, more information is becoming available. The game takes place in the fully 3D, magical world of Zubari, and centers around a princess named Rouge. The princess is a strong-willed, although sensitive, 18-year old, with a strong sense of justice. She also has a slightly tomboyish streak in her.

Princess Abarenbow implements some unique battle system elements. Battles occur in real-time with players and enemies attacking simultaneously. Attacks are attributed with elemental powers that can cancel each other out when identical or lead to double kills, which occur when one element has a direct advantage over the other.

Currently there are no plans to publish Princess Abarenbow in North America. RPGamer will inform you if any such decision is announced in the coming months.

by Michael Henninger    
Source: [The Magicbox]
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