Wizardry VIII Demo Released to the Public

All those hoping for more than a glimpse at Sir-Tech's new PC RPG Wizardry VIII had their wishes fulfilled Tuesday, when the previously press-only demo was released to the public. The demo features the first level of the actual game, with a preset party and tougher monsters than the full game. Some might draw parallels to the Xenogears playable demo, which also had an advanced beginning party in order to show a better cross section of the game.

The developers gave several reasons for the changes from the full game, as stated on Wizardry VIII's official webpage. Foremost was the desire to give players a glimpse at a wider range of the monsters and magic spells from the full game. The preset party was designed with this in mind, as the monsters are more powerful than those that would be encountered in the area in the retail version of the game. The characters will also gain experience levels during the demo, allowing players to become familiar with the character development system.

Players will also get to tinker with the two different combat modes (real-time and phased), as well as tactical formations and the unique magical targeting system. Players interested in downloading this weighty 143 megabyte file should go here to do so. The full version of Wizardry VIII will be available in stores on November 15th.

by Aaron Gover    
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