WonderSwan Color to hit North America, Europe?

Bandai has remained rather silent over the last year when asked about the possibility of a North American or European release of their Japanese portable, the WonderSwan Color. However, it appears that consideration for an overseas launch is probable. If the system continues to sell well in Japan, and the financial status of the world improves, the portable could see an overseas release sometime in 2002.

With a wide library of RPGs, and Square's unwavering support of the system, the WonderSwan Color is almost a necessity for the avid RPGamer. Square and Bandai have produced several original titles for the system, including Blue Wing Blitz, by Square; Wild Card, also by Square; Working Chocobo, another by Square; Dark Eyes ~ Battle Gate, by Bandai; One Piece, also by Bandai; and Star Hearts, another by Bandai. Square has also confirmed several remakes. Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II have already been released, and Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy IV, Romancing SaGa, Front Mission, Hanjuku Hero, and Makaitoushi SaGa (aka Final Fantasy Legend) are currently under development.

by Joseph Witham    
Source: [Magic Box]
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