Game Arts Takes Plot Details to the Xtreme

Having already outlined the battle system for their upcoming sequel Grandia Xtreme, Game Arts has now released some story details for the title, including names and backgrounds for the eight main characters, and of course, their staple "adorable" pet. Joining the frisky, shiny-tailed critter will be:

  • Evan, the game's hero, an 18-year old bounty hunter.
  • Dorhurandor, a 24-year old soldier
  • his female counterpart, the 20-year old officer Carmari
  • Titor, a trusting 16-year old with mysterious origins.
  • Meyamu, a kind, curious girl (also 16) who lives in the forest.
  • Raluku, a 30-year old man who is one with nature.
  • Seyidor (which may or may not translate as Theodore,) a famed and noble 22-year old knight.
  • Rutina, an 18-year old girl who is the leader of a special force. She is guarded, and hides her feelings from others.

Finally, there are three other characters as yet unnamed, who may be either friendly or otherwise.

These adventurers will live in a fantasy-based world caught in a state of extreme chaos caused by rampaging spirits. These entities, having gone spontaneously berserk fifty years ago, have ruined countless lives, harming people, destroying villages, and generally making life miserable. This, combined with constant strife between countries, has left the world teetering on the brink of disaster. All is not lost, however; after many years of investigation, the cause of the spirits' behavior was determined to be a result of the tablets of the four Spirit Ruins being stolen. The four ruins serve as habitations for spirits and fairies, and include the Nest of the Soil Dragon, the Eye of the Fire Cloud, the Mountain of Reversal Wind, and the Water of Life.

The online component of GXtreme has once again been tantalizingly hinted at, as it has been mentioned that the game will involve teaming up with other characters to find out why the spirits have gone berserk, and then to find the missing tablets. Whether or not this means joining up with people online remains to be seen, but since the game has a confirmed online component, this seems like at least a good possibility, if not likely.

More information should become available soon as GXtreme's Japanese release date of January 31st, 2002 draws nearer. Though a North American release is likely, no exact date has been set at this point.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [The Magic Box]
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