Romancing SaGa WonderSwan Color Details

Square has revealed several key details about its latest WonderSwan Color remake, Romancing SaGa. When the game was released in 1992, it had undergone a huge downsize from what had originally been planned, due to Nintendo's strict cart size policy. In the remake, everything that was removed in favor of a smaller cart size has been re-implemented. Square is calling this port the "complete" version of Romancing SaGa. A couple of these restorations include the ability to find all ten Destiny Stones and a new scenario.

Romancing SaGa follows the story of eight heroes and their struggle against three evil gods. The player chooses from one of the eight heroes, four males and four females, and leads them to victory. The game play is similar to SaGa Frontier's, in that each attribute of a character's status is leveled up individually. The game is on slate for a December 2001 release in Japan, with little to no chance of reaching North American shores.

by Joseph Witham    
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