Dragon Warrior VII Flies Into Stores

After several years of development and steadily building anticipation, Enix has shipped its long-awaited sequel, Dragon Warrior VII. Boasting classic turn-based combat, lush 3-D environments, compelling characters and an epic quest, DW VII offers the PlayStation console one last hurrah. As Paul Handelman, president of Enix America, says, "All the talk this month about new systems with the latest technological wizardry doesn't diminish the fact,[sic] that at the end of the day, compelling game play is what it's all about, and Dragon Warrior VII provides just that."

Released in Japan as Dragon Quest VII, the game has already sold over four million units, earning it the distinction of the best-selling PlayStation title in Japan of all time. Ranked among all consoles, the game is an impressive third overall, more than pulling its weight in a series that has sales totalling 27 million copies worldwide. DW VII follows the tale of the Hero and his friends, the mischievous Prince Kiefer and the feisty Maribel, who discover that their island home holds more than peace and tranquility. Solving puzzles transports the three back in time, where they discover lost continents whose mysteries must be unlocked in order to save the future..

With an all-star design team featuring Yuji Horii on game design, Akira Toriyama taking care of character and monster design, and Koici Sugiyama providing the music, DW VII is certainly one of the essential titles this year. For more information on the game, check RPGamer's staff review, as well as our extensive coverage. DW VII has a suggested retail price of $39.99 US.

by Andrew Long    
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