Shadow Hearts Release Date Uncovered

Though little has been said of the game since it was first announced back in January, Shadow Hearts nonetheless managed to acquire a North American publisher, and the game's release date has now been unveiled, as well as some information on the title's story and gameplay. SH is a turn-based RPG that will follow the adventures of Urmnaf Bort Hyuga, a half-Russian, half-Japanese man from the early 20th century. Urmnaf possesses the power of a "Harmonixer," nabling him to morph into different creatures. Aided by a mysterious female voice, players must guide him on his quest to thwart a powerful magician.

The game will use the "Judgement Ring" system to encounter and battle over 130 different monsters. While all that has been revealed about this system is the fact that it's turn-based, the developers promise an "exclusive and innovative new system," so gamers can expect something fresh. Urmnaf's Harmonixer abilities will also play a role in battles, as he will be able to morph into 20 creatures in his fight. The game will contain over 200 items, including weapons, armor, and unique magical items, and many of these are upgradeable.

Set in early 20th century Eurasia, SH promises to be an intense experience for gamers, one that will be further supplemented by cinematics the developers are promising will be nothing short of spectacular. The game will be released in North America on December 11th. No pricing details are currently available.

by Andrew Long    
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