Final Fantasy XI Information Bonanza... Well, Sort Of

A few more scraps of information have been divulged by Square on the allegedly 65% complete Final Fantasy XI. This time, the details deal with characters and some online aspects of the game, which should be ready for beta testing by this winter in Japan. Character selection will include a number of options, affording players a selection of race, sex, and job for their characters. Whether the job system will resemble one of its previous incarnations remains to be seen, although generally, Square has refined the system in each of its outings. Whatever the case, the company has revealed only one of the playable races thus far: the essentially human race, called the "hume". Aside from this obvious choice, Square is promising a number of non-human races as well, along with NPCs from various races to help advance the story.

Square is developing both the PC and PlayStation 2 versions of the game simultaneously, and as a North American release is planned, there will be both English and Japanese language support. As FFXI is reasonably far along in development, expect more details on the game to emerge soon, along with information on the beta test. No time frame was given for the North American beta or release schedule.

by Andrew Long    
Sources: [Gamespot]
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