DVine[Luv] Sneaks Into Japanese Stores

Though the Dreamcast's future has been declining steadily of late, with its few remaining releases being whittled down by defections to other systems, little mention has been made of titles for the system. Even less mention has been made of titles with no chance of arriving in North America, and so it is perhaps unsurprising that DVine[LUV] will be released Thursday in Japan with little more than a whimper. The game follows the tale of the adventurer Hyde, who is searching for the elusive magical artifact connecting the present to the Old World, where magic reigned supreme and brought an age of prosperity. Now, that power has gradually disappeared, and even adventuring has become less common.

In DVine, Hyde's base of operations is a small border town where for years, villagers have been afraid to enter a nearby cave because of threats of a monster dwelling within. Hyde, being the adventurer, enters the cave and discovers a world locked in time- the Old World. Upon his entry, time unfreezes, and Hyde is immediately thrust into an adventure where he will find out what happened to the Old World, fight many monsters, and ultimately, unlock the key to finding the magic artifact.

DVine is a 2D dungeon crawler, and the game centers around the town, which becomes Hyde's base of operations, and the cave, much in the fashion of the old Sega Genesis title Shining in the Darkness. The game, which will likely never make it to North America, will retail for 6800 yen (roughly $55.00 US) when it hits stores tomorrow.

by Andrew Long    
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