Wizardry 8 Gets Dated
Wizardry 8

Ah, 1997. The Spice Girls were ripping up the charts, Titanic was steamrolling the competition, and Sirtech announced development of Wizardry 8. Fast forward four years to today, and the Canadian developer has announced that the title has finally received a solid release date. Gamers across North America can look for it on crowded shelves on the 15th of November.

The title has a lot to offer RPGamers, and one of the most important aspects--considering the current state of PC game releases--is stability. "We can assure consumers that they will have a hassle free playing experience that won't be plagued by the kinds of bugs seen in so many other game releases," said project leader, Linda Currie. "Nothing was more important to us than this!"

Feature-wise, the game is stocked up the wazoo, with a multitude of intelligent enemies, a 100-strong spell inventory and a unique targeting system on offer. Currie describes the game as one with, "such depth of content that trying to encompass its features in a press announcement is incredibly difficult. Wizardry 8 truly is a game unlike any other."

Time will tell if the Currie's creation lives up to her words, but we'll find out soon enough. For more info, check out this interview with Sirtech's director of product development, Ian Currie. Look for our full review of the title in the near future.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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