First Details for Project Ego
Big Blue Box

This week was a biggie for the Xbox. Several developers and publishers for Microsoft's new console gathered in Cannes, France to discuss the European details for the Xbox launch. Quite a few titles were showcased at the event, dubbed X01, and one of the more high-profile games on display was Project Ego (tentative title). The project is currently under development by UK-based Big Blue Box, with input from seminal PC game creator Peter Molyneux.

Project Ego is set in a traditional fantasy setting, but thankfully--for those out there craving some creativity--that is where the resemblance to current console RPGs ends. Few actual story details are known right now, but what is known is that the game is highly non-linear and expansive. The game follows the main character throughout his entire life, from wee lad to tottering old codger. Over the course of time, he will visibly age, grow muscles and hair, and even get a tan. The course of the story is totally dependent on player input, meaning you could end up being anything from a messiah to a harbinger of fiery destruction.

The Xbox has the technical capabilities to be a major player in the big videogame show, and Project Ego promises to use these capabilities to provide a unique experience. We'll have more information on the game in the near future.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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