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The Fire Emblem games comprise one of the longest running RPG series in Japan, starting in 1990 on the NES. Nintendo has divulged a couple more nuggets of info for the latest installment, Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword (formerly subtitled Maiden of Darkness), which is headed for the Game Boy Advance.

The lead characters in the game are Roy and Lilia. Roy is the prince of a small kingdom and commands troops to battle enemies, while Lilia is a priest and carries a holy book around with her. She serves as the game's magic user, and is able to cast a variety of spells. As mentioned previously, being that it is a Strategy RPG, the game is rather stat-heavy, and now we have word of a new statistic that is being thrown into the mix. Currently named Rescue, the stat is sure to have an impact on the flow of battles, but to what extent is currently unknown, other than the obvious interpretation of rescuing teammates.

Very few additional details are known, but, considering that the Japanese release is scheduled for this Winter, Nintendo is bound to ramp up exposure of the title soon. As of yet, no North American release details have been announced. For previous information regarding this title, please check out RPGamer's Fire Emblem: Sealed Sword page.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
Source: [Magic Box]
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