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Monster Hunter Stories Gets Overview Trailer


Monster Hunter Stories

Less than a month until its Western release date, and Capcom's Monster Hunter Stories has received an all-new overview trailer, courtesy of Nintendo. Over its two minute runtime, the video, viewable below, offers sneak peeks at some of the game's key mechanics.

Players will take control of a character known as a Rider, someone who is able to befriend monsters and enlist their aid in the battle against other, tougher monsters. In cinematics and gameplay footage, we see the Rider fly, swim, and, well, ride on various mounts. Bonding with allied monsters and hatching new ones are also components of the game, all leading up to a final confrontation against the fearsome Black Blight. Online and local matches will also be supported.

Monster Hunter Stories is releasing on the 3DS and 2DS systems across the board on September 8, 2017. In the meantime, a free game demo is now available via the Nintendo eShop.

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