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Gust Announces Two New Titles


Nights of Azure 2

Koei Tecmo has made two announcements regarding new games. The first is a Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon, the sequel to this year's Nights of Azure. The second is Blue Reflection, the third game in the developer Gust's Beautiful Girls Festival trilogy of games that also features Atelier Firis and Nights of Azure 2. These games are currently only planned for release in Japan.

Nights of Azure 2 is a spiritual sequel to the original. The story follows Alushe, a knight of Curia sent to guard her lifelong friend and Saint, Liliana. After dying suddenly, Alushe is brought back as a half-demon by her order. Together with their friend Ruhenheid, Alushe and Liliana must continue their quest to sacrifice Liliana to the goddess of the moon. The game will bring about expanded combat where players can choose between Liliana or Ruhenheid as their partner, strengthening their relationship through combat. There is no officially confirmed release date for the title, but it is in development for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Blue Reflection is another story following the adolescence of a young girl named Hinako. A foot injury prevents her from chasing her dreams of being a ballet dancer until one day when she is approached by two mysterious girls named Yutsuki and Raiyume Tsukasaki. The two offer her mystical powers that transform her into a Reflector, a warrior with magical abilities. If Hinako fights for the sisters, they promise to one day heal her foot. What exactly she is fighting for is a little more unclear. The game will be an action RPG, though there will be a major focus on Hinako's relationships with the other characters. The game is in development on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, though at this time the game has no release date.



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