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Demon Gaze II Shows Maintenance and Dating


Demon Gaze II

Kadokawa Games recently put a new trailer for developer Experience Inc.'s upcoming dungeon-crawling sequel, Demon Gaze II. This trailer introduces some new aspects to the game, namely its maintenance and dating systems.

Maintenance uses a dedicated room in the player's base, and allows the player to increase the favourability rating of the various demons that fight with them. To do this, players must collect special crystals from dungeons and then, back in the maintenance room, find a particular spot on the demon that makes them feel good. Once players have raised their demons' favourability ratings, they will then be able to go on dates with them and potentially increase their abilities. In a change to the previous game, Demon Gaze II will feature male demons.

Demon Gaze II is a sequel to the 2014 PlayStation Vita release Demon Gaze. The game will be released in Japan for PlayStation Vita on October 13, 2016, with no announcement yet regarding a possible western release.


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