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Five Star Ocean Characters Detailed - TGS


Star Ocean 5

Square Enix held a stage show at this year's TGS for the upcoming Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. The presentation featured some details on five of the game's party members, with the game featuring at least seven party members in total.

The first character is the main protagonist, Fidel Camuze. Fidel is 23 years old and from the Leslia Kingdom. He shares his father's strong sword skills and is generally sincere and composed, with a usually-hidden passionate side. The second character is Miki Sauvester, Fidel's childhood friend. She is some years younger than Fidel and looks to him as an older brother. Miki is from the village of Stahr and is a mage with a special healing ability. Third is Lilia, a young girl with amnesia. Fidel and his friends encounter Lilia after witnessing a mysterious phenomenon. She apparently treats Miki more like a mother, as has a very secretive background.

The next character is Viktor Orkvil, a soldier in the Leslia Kingdom. He is in the kingdom's special forces and is highly regarded by his subordinates and has a very serious personality. The final character is Fiore Burnelli. Fiore is one of the best mages in the already magically-powerful Randock Kingdom. She is a member of the kingdom's Spellmark Research Institute and has an advanced magical symbol embedded in her leg.

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