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WildStar Reloaded as Free-to-Play



NCSOFT's sci-fi MMORPG WildStar will switch to a free-to-play model with the launch of its latest update on September 29, 2015, the company announced. Titled WildStar Reloaded, this latest update is said to be the game's biggest, bringing with it a more streamlined experience for new players in addition to rewards for veteran players. All those who are subscribed to the game at its free-to-play launch will receive a selection of exclusive items.

WildStar Reloaded is currently undergoing the second phase of a closed beta. The first phase focused on the new content arriving in the update, with this second phase focusing on the new free-to-play economic model. Those invited to the beta test will be able to try out the in-game store, which uses NCoin, a new real-money currency. All the NCoin purchased by players during this phase will be added to the player's beta characters for testing purposes, and then will also be transferred in full to their regular live characters once the update is launched. The closed beta is available for all current subscribers, with non-subscribers able to apply to join through the game's official website.

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