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Super Robot Taisen BX Gets a Lengthy Trailer


Super Robot Taisen BX

Bandai Namco has unveiled a lengthy new trailer for the upcoming Nintendo 3DS mecha-crossover title, Super Robot Taisen BX. The fourteen-minute video can be viewed below in two versions, a "Song Selection" version and an "Original Music Version".

The company also introduced the game's two original protagonists. Youta Hiiragi is a young man with dark hair who appears more mature than he actually is. He holds great respect for both the Super Robot Army and Earth Federation Army and willingly throws himself into combat for justice despite not having any special power. Yuki Hiiragi, meanwhile, is a girl with long white hair suffering from amnesia. She has been living at Youta's home for around six months and displays an interests in ruins and ancient civilisations. Super Robot Taisen BX is due out in Japan on August 20, 2015.

Song Selection Version

Original Music Version

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