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God Eaters Find New Things to Devour - TGS 2014


God Eater 2

God Eater 2: Rage Burst was only announced just before the Tokyo Game Show started, but it has already received a new trailer for the show itself. This trailer focuses on the new content being added in Rage Burst, including a new chapter of the story. This new content includes scythe-type weapons and the Rage Burst gameplay mechanic that the new version takes its name from.

In other God Eater news, Bandai Namco Games has revealed that it is working with the animation studio Ufotable to create a television anime based on the God Eater series. Ufotable has previously worked on smaller animation projects related to the series, and might also be known to RPGamers for its work on the Tales of Symphonia anime OVA and Fate/Zero TV series.

Finally, the God Eater series is having a crossover with Sony's Soul Sacrifice Delta. Players in Delta will be able to challenge the Marduk Aragami from God Eater 2 and, upon beating it three times, unlock Fenrir uniforms as costumes.

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