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New Characters and a New Job for Bravely Second


Bravely Second

Square Enix has been slowly releasing information on Bravely Second, the upcoming sequel to the 3DS RPG Bravely Default as of late, and the most recent update comes with a good amount of media as well. The latest revelations contains some new characters and a new job as highlights.

The trio below are known as the Three Musketeers of the Crystal Orthodoxy Knights. They are Yuu Zeneorica, nicknamed the "Swooping Falcon;" Jean Engaurde, the "Blazing Wolf;" and Nikolai Nikolanikov, the "Robust Bison." Yuu is the leader of the group and the head of the prestigious Zeneorica family. Jean is a fencer with humble beginnings who is from the same town as Yuu. Both studied aboard in Istantal and eventually became Crystal Orthodoxy Knights. Nikolai is a priest who was once a member of the old order of Crystal Orthodoxy Knight before the Duchy of Eternia forced them to disband. Nikolai aided in reforming the knights as relations between Eternia and the Orthodoxy improved. The Three Musketeers, as well as previously revealed new character Magnolia Arch, are tasked with saving Agnès Oblige, who is now leader of the Crystal Orthodoxy.

So far, only Yuu has been confirmed to be a playable character. It is unclear who the main protagonist will be, though it seems Yuu will be a focus. It is also unknown if Tiz and Agnès from the first game will be playable despite appearing in previously revealed information on Bravely Second. It has been shown that Agnès can communicate to the party through the bottom screen of the 3DS.

A new job was also revealed along with a new Asterisk (job class) holder. The holder in question is a barista named Amy Matchlock. She holds the Tomahawk Asterisk, named for a small tribe of woman warriors who live in the Florem region. Tomahawks can commune with spirits and specialize in new axe-bayonet rifles. This job can be used as an attacker or for support.

Bravely Second's release date has yet to be revealed. There is also so far no word on the game being released in North America or Europe. More screenshots can be seen here, and art here.

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