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Divinity: Original Sin Adds a Couple of Companions


Divinity: Original Sin

Larian Studios has announced a piece of free DLC for Divinity: Original Sin. The Bear and the Burglar is available to download now from Steam and GoG, and includes two new companions for players, Bairdotr and Wolgraff. The update also streamlines some of the lengthy discussions in the game to assist co-op play.

The Bear part refers to Bairdotr, a woman of presumably pseudo-Nordic origin, who is on a mission to rescue a kidnapped druid and save the Homeforest. During the course of her investigations, she has found herself in trouble at the Legion barracks. Wolgraff, the Burglar, is a rogue who had his voice taken away as a child through Dark Sourcery. Denied of his hopes of becoming a Source Hunter, he now steals for a living, armed with his dagger. Both companions can be found in the early-game city of Cyseal when a new game is started with the DLC activated.

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Divinity: Original Sin
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