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Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki - TGS 2013 Impression


Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki

At the PlayStation Vita area, I got five minutes with Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki. Anyone familiar with the series should know that this isn't much time to spend with a game like this. The loading times before battle ate up almost as much time as the battles themselves. Thankfully, the demo skipped all the usual exposition and went straight to the action.

Obviously there wasn't much time to get to know the characters, and in the demo they didn't even have names, just descriptions. I did pick up that they were in a training group, that their base was under attack, and that the strange, mechanical enemies they were encountering bore some resemblance to foes they'd met at an earlier date (prior to the demo).

Combat was fast and fun, and I enjoyed how every action moved the characters around the field and how that mattered in terms of targeting and defense. Due to time constraints, I only fought three battles before I had to go, but they were all memorable ones.

Finally, the music was loud and rockin', just like a good soundtrack should. When I made my way to the actual Falcom area a little while later, the company was going the extra mile to make sure everyone else knew just how rockin' it was, too.

As one last note, Falcom has really been putting the word out about this game. I have seen posters for it all over the place in three different cities over the last two months. One of the escalators in Kaihim-Makuhari Station, near TGS, has five posters decorating its length. Expectations are clearly high, and this demo, however short, was definitely on the right track.

I really wish I could have had more time with this one...

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Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki
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