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GungHo Begins Publishing in North America


GungHo Online America

Former XSEED President and founder, Jun Iwasaki, is now at the head of a new publishing studio in North America known as GungHo Online Entertainment America. The studio lists its mission as finding and delivering network-oriented games to North America and Europe, whether it be on a console, handheld, mobile device, tablet or PC, to build a community of online gamers worldwide. As such, the studio has leverage to secure key titles from the GungHo Online-owned studios Game Arts, Gravity and Acquire.

In North America, GungHo will release the social action RPG beat-em-up Picotto Knights for Vita in 2013. Along with that, the company is also bringing out Dokuro, an action puzzle game for Vita this October. European gamers can look forward to the release of Ragnarok Odyssey on Vita later in 2012.

Along with these Vita releases, the studio will also be releasing a trio of mobile titles, two of which are RPGs. Puzzle & Dragons is a puzzle RPG for iOS due out in November. Princess Punt 2 is a cartoony action puzzle RPG for iOS and Android said to release in early 2013. The final game is a tower defense/sim hybrid known as Freak Tower. This is an iOS and Android release which is coming out in November.

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