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Monster-Slaying Media Round Up - TGS 2012


Tokyo Game Show 2012

The Tokyo Game Show has brought a surge of new media and trailers, and the genre spawned by the Monster Hunter franchise has taken center stage. Naturally, both Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter 4 are making appearances, but there are also trailers for Namco Bandai Games' God Eater 2.

First, we have some media for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. This includes screenshots from the upcoming localization of the 3DS version of the game and some artwork. More images can be found in the screenshot and art galleries.

Next up are a pair of trailers for Monster Hunter 4. The first is a short trailer that shows off a wide variety of the new locales and monsters that are to be found in the game, and also introduces a new weapon type to the series. The second is a twenty-minute trailer in which the game's creators walk through many of the new gameplay features, though the explanation is in Japanese.

Finally, we have a trailer for God Eater 2 that introduces some new characters and a bit about the game's story, and provides a chance to see how one of the new Aragami fights. As we previously covered, God Eater 2 will be coming to the Vita, and this trailer gives a taste of how it will look on that system.

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