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Impression/Rant - Emperor's SaGa


Emperor's SaGa

Sometimes we do things we regret. We know it's not going to turn out well, that we'll be hurt and sorry before it's all over, but we have to do it anyway. Today, I went to the GREE booth and tried Emperor's SaGa.

It's another GREE card-based, semi-automated excuse to send the company money and collect more cards to play the game, for a loose definition of "play," but I'd hoped to find something halfway original for a story at least. No such luck. The part I played had a lot cribbed from Romancing SaGa 2 -- to the extent that I could recognize several characters from the original game, by name and occupation if nothing else. The villain was one of RS2's Seven Heroes, and the situation mirrored parts of at least two scenarios from that game, but then the villain name-dropped another character, namely the final boss of Romancing SaGa 3.

Nothing seems to be left of the series' gameplay or creative spark. After struggling to make the demo iPhone register commands (to click links) for several minutes, I gave up on it entirely. Note that the entire game seems to consist of clicking hypertext links. It's the basis of GREE's design interface.

Honestly, I feel like punching whoever is responsible for this farce, and I can only hope Kawazu did just that. If a SaGa game had to be on iOS, why couldn't it have been done by someone, anyone else? I would nominate WeMade for the job. The result would be saccharinely cute, but at least it'd be playable.

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Emperor's SaGa
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