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Nobody Expects the Thedasian Inquisition


Dragon Age III

In an apparent move to counter various Internet rumors about the franchise, BioWare has issued a few pieces of information about Dragon Age III. The game will be officially titled Dragon Age III: Inquisition, giving us a strong hint that the simmering tension between the Circle of Magi and the Chantry/Templars will be reaching the boiling point. The company isn't saying any more about the story at this point, however.

Instead, Executive Producer Mark Darrah discussed the product's status in a BioWare Blog entry. He noted that the game will be using a new engine that he hopes will improve the size of the world, visuals, customization, and the ability of NPCs to react to player choices. He also assured readers that contrary to rumor, the development team is largely compromised of the same team members who worked on the first two games in the series.

That's all BioWare is telling us about Dragon Age III for now. It has been in development for about two years and is apparently scheduled to release in late 2013. We don't yet know which systems it will be on or when we'll start seeing actual images of the game.

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Dragon Age III
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