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Capcom Gives Nintendo An Ultimate Game


Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

The first detailed information on the launch line-up for Nintendo's new Wii U has finally emerged, and among the announcements was some good news for fans of Capcom's Monster Hunter series. Monster Hunter 3G, the expanded 3DS version of Monster Hunter Tri, will be coming to North America and Europe, and it will be bringing a newly announced Wii U version with it. The two versions will be titled Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate in western regions and will be coming in March 2013.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate includes all of the content from Monster Hunter Tri, as well as a large number of new missions, monsters, and items. The 3DS version of the game allows players to play with each other via wireless play or trade guild cards with StreetPass, while the Wii U version will feature online multiplayer. Both versions will also be able to play together through a local wireless connection, and someone who owns both versions will be able to transfer save files between the Wii U and 3DS.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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