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Half-Minute Hero Dashes Onto PC


Half Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax

Half-Minute Hero has previously jumped from the PSP to the Xbox 360 Live Arcade, and now it has jumped again to the PC market with the elaborately titled Half Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy version. This newest version contains all of the gameplay modes from the previous versions, including four-player online gameplay and the original PSP versions of the Princess 30, Knight 30, and Evil Lord 30 modes. It will arrive on the Steam and Playism downloadable gaming services on September 27.

Two videos have been released so far to promote the game. The first is a traditional trailer that shows off lots of gameplay and the many different things to do in the game. The second is an awkward teaser video in which the game's producer attempts to eat breakfast in less than thirty seconds, for some reason.

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Half-Minute Hero Super Mega Neo Climax
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