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Mass Effect 3 - Leviathan DLC Impression


Mass Effect 3

Author's Note: Minor spoilers for Mass Effect 3.

Back in March I had the opportunity to check out the first major DLC episode for Mass Effect 3. In my write up I stated how From Ashes felt like a waste of content that should have been added to the main campaign rather than a ten dollar tack on. With the recent release of the Leviathan DLC, BioWare gives Mass Effect fans something to talk about.

Commander Shepard is given an urgent request to meet with Dr. Garrett Bryson on the Citadel. Upon her arrival, she witnesses an attack on Bryson, wherein he is murdered by his assistant. Upon questioning the assistant's motives, he states that he has no recollection of the attack on Bryson that occurred moments ago. While investing Bryson's laboratory and seeking information on Leviathan, EDI and Shepard are given the coordinates to track Alex Garneau, the last person Bryson discussed the project with. When Garneau is not who he seems, it is up to Shepard to find Dr. Bryson's daughter, Ann, and meet with the Leviathan in the hope of gaining assistance in the fight against the Reapers.

With a dark and twisted plotline, Leviathan shows us the strength and power behind Indoctrination. As people continue to become possessed, the more sympathic I started to feel for those who had fallen victim. The writing within the DLC is tightly woven together, and the plot does a great job of playing tricks on the player without feeling too menacing. The decisions I made felt as though they made an impact, but overall I found it was somewhat difficult to tell just how different my choices would have been had I selected other options. Looking at the effects of Indoctrination was quite interesting on a whole, and I feel like BioWare managed to balance the amount of story and combat well with Leviathan.

Spanning ten missions, Leviathan has quite a bit of content despite being a two hour long DLC. Regardless of the short time sink, I found myself completely engaged with the story, especially when I was able to take control of the Triton mech, jump into the water, and wade through the ocean in search of the beast.

Is it worth $10? That's a tough call, as I feel like this particular DLC is really for those who are completely invested in the game's lore. Did I feel like I wasted my money? Not at all considering how much enjoyment I got. One complaint I do have about the content is that it does feel a bit shallow for those who have already completed their Mass Effect adventure, but even so, I still think there's some enjoyment regardless of how much you've played. Overall, I can safely recommend Leviathan to those who wish to continue Commander Shepard’s journey, as it certainly has the perfect balance of content for any fan of the series.

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