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A Dragon Fantasy Hit PS3, Vita


Dragon Fantasy Book II

Thanks to SCEA's Pub Fund, an initiative to fund smaller titles on Sony platforms, Muteki Corporation's sequel Dragon Fantasy Book II will be hitting PlayStation 3 and Vita via PSN in 2013. This 16-bit throwback RPG began on iOS as an 8-bit love letter to the Dragon Quest series. The original game consisted of three chapters and was supposed to be followed up with three additional, visually upgraded chapters. Instead of taking that route, as the development progressed, Muteki opted to create a brand new game.

Book II changes up quite a few things from the original. The game adds in a Mode7-style graphical effect on the overworld, upgraded 16-bit audio, a new combat system with no transition to a battle screen, and a new multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, up to four players can act as one of the game's party members, exploring the world and being able to engage in separate battles independent of the rest of the group.

For those interested in this series can check out the original on iOS, PC, or Mac right now. Also, here is the official RPGamer review of the first game on iOS.

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